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Three miles back a dirt road, through the forest across the creek and over the farm fields, in rural West Virginia, is the home of Switchplate Gallery. Family members, neighbors and friends work together in our little cottage industry to bring you our charming collection of switchplates.

Switchplate Gallery has the largest assortment of popular designs to be found! We also make nearly every plate configuration that might be needed. We are proud and satisfied to provide a very appealing quality product that customers across the country are delighted to have in their homes.

How we make our switchplates:

Each switchplate is carefully made by hand using a découpage technique. Art prints, which have been cropped to size, are mounted on each durable steel plate by hand with waterproof adhesive. Each finished plate must be free of creases, bubbles, lumps or tears! To insure quality workmanship, each plate is closely inspected before receiving several coats of acrylic sealer. We have also filled some screw holes and use only as many screws as are necessary to hold the switchplate securely. Finally, each screw is hand-painted to match the background of the switchplate and is included in the package. All materials used are made in the USA.

Switchplate Gallery is pleased to create a product that gives such pleasure!